Junko Sakurai

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Born in Tokyo, Japan
Studied at the High school attached to JOSHIBI University of Art and Design
(Joshi Bijutsu Daigaku---the women's university of fine art :Tokyo )

Studied at JOSHIBI University of Art and Design (Joshi Bijutsu Daigaku).
Specialized Oil painting in the class of Ms.Ayako Toda (3rd grade) and
Mr.Yasuo Takahashi (senior grade) in The Department of Science of Arts.
Studied at the seminar in Art Psychology and History of Japanese Art.
Got the official license of teaching art by Tokyo Metropolitan Office.

Studied the course of clinical art at the Art therapy Association (Tokyo)

Recent works;

As a painter, to intend to create original expression by integration of the
technique and medium of oil painting and traditional Japanese painting.
Recent works are ; the series of the themes "Faces", "Window", "Circle".
As the director of Atelier SEVENTH ONE, supervise its teaching program of
art activities with the technique of new clinical art, "the right
As the chief director of the Non Profit Organization "ART FOR LIVES" that
has been formed that artists support artists each other and qualify general
lifestyle with art.

>> Toda-class Exhibition (Tokyo/JAPAN)
1988 >> Graduate Exhibition of JOSHIBI University of Art and Design (Tokyo/JAPAN)
1989 >> "Genesis 1:1" Exhibition (Tokyo/JAPAN)
1990 >> "The Spring and Spring" Exhibition (Tokyo/JAPAN)
2003 >> "FALL ARTWALK '2003 Exhibition at The Brewery (Los Angeles/USA)


photo by Taka F.