Art must exist for lives, and be found in everything to make lives better.
That is what I believe and work for.
After long absence of creative experience as a painter, I took a brush,
then open the eyes to what I passed away. it made me tend to my origin that has given without thanksgiving. The traditional Japanese culture and honest beauty of seasons in this Island were there.
Japanese Painting started its history in ancient of the Near and Middle East, and carried by the back of camel and ships over deep seas, then reached the Island, Japan. It had grown as unique expression of art with a particular sense to admire the beauty of four seasons and delicate technique.
For myself specialized oil painting, the traditional technique of Japanese painting inspired as so fresh and amazing. The magic of the layers of colors painted with powder of jewels dissolved in organic glue painted on silk or handmade paper has been caught me, and pasting and peeling sheets of silver create marvelous texture. And I believe it is given me to express "the air " that I always feel when I see something special.I would like you to enjoy breathing in it with me.

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